Bergamot FC-Free Essential Oil 10mls

Bergamot FC-Free Essential Oil 10mls

Bergamot FC-Free Essential Oil 10mls
Bergamot FC-Free Essential Oil 10mls
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A sweet, citrus aroma which is used to uplift, relieve stress and promote energy in aromatherapy.

Used by some to deodorize, may help the immune system, reduce the appearance of scars and for its antiseptic and analgesic properties.

This oil is FC-Free, which means the furocoumarin has been removed making the oil far less phototoxic so it can be used even when out in the sun

Main Uses:

Aromatherapy and Diffuser/Vaporiser: Used by aromatherapists to stimulate the senses, boost confidence and relieve depression.

Skincare: Part of a skincare oil blend Bergamot may help with oily or irritated skin, and with the signs of acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Bath Oil: Creates a lovely relaxing bath, especially when mixed with orange and other essential oils. Only use a maximum of 3 drops of Bergamot Essential Oil in the bath at any one time.


FC-Free: This means the furocoumarin, bergapten, has been removed. This substance can be phototoxic on human skin, which means that if it is used on the skin and the skin is then subjected to sunlight it can cause sensitivity and pigmentation. This is why we remove the bergapten from the oil. This does not affect the therapeutic quality of the oil and is the recommended oil for use by aromatherapists.

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